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XE-Filter IP address country of origin email filter XE-Filter TM v3 Adds Address Whitelist and Blacklist Operations

Block Up To 99% of eMail Spam "Before It Ever Reaches Your Server"

Computer Mail Services, Inc.
Lih-Tah Wong
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TROY MI July 28, 2008 Computer Mail Services, Inc. (CMS), a leading email security and management software provider, announces the availability of XE-Filter v3, software designed to prevent spam reception at the SMTP protocol level based upon country of origin, DNS Blacklist queries and multiple other whitelist and blacklist checks.

Six Layers
of Protection

With the addition of sender address whitelists and sender address blacklists XE-Filter v3 now provides six layers of email protection.  Through these, email administrators can "set and forget" while successfully blocking over 99% of all spam before it ever reaches their email servers.  XE-Filter improves server efficiency and email delivery times, reducing the load on existing antispam software and appliances.

XE-Filter v3 also provides protection against "backscatter spam", a form of denial-of service (DoS) attack, through its sender address blacklist capabilities.  Several XE-Filter customers experiencing this form of attack have successfully defended themselves against a daily flood of millions of spam emails.  This prevented an overload of their mail servers and insured the prompt deliver of inbound mail messages.

"The IP whitelists and blacklists have helped us to cut our spam tremendously. It's an added bonus to an already sound program.  These help me to target the remaining few spam that make it through", said Christopher Melita of North Texas Medical Center.

Simple in concept, cost-effective and requiring little administrative effort, XE-Filter was the first country-centric spam filter, using the connecting IP address of the sending mail server to determine a messages country of origin.  The addition of sender address white and blacklist capabilities lets administrators further protect their email systems while insuring that important messages easily pass through.  These additional layers of filtering substantially increase XE-Filter's effectiveness.

XE-Filter installs on the Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003 server that is the point of entry of inbound email traffic.  For non-Exchange sites, it can be installed on any PC with server or professional editions of the Windows OS, to act as the gateway with the Internet.  XE-Filter works with existing anti-spam filters.

XE-Filter is available now with prices starting at US$295 per for 25 users or less.  A 21-day evaluation version of XE-Filter can be downloaded from the CMS website,


Founded in 1982, Sterling Heights, Michigan-based Computer Mail Services, Inc. (CMS) is a privately held company with expertise in the development of messaging related products: Praetor , XE-Filter, BL-Monitor and ES-Insight.

Praetor is a registered trademark of Computer Mail Services, Inc.  XE-Filter, ES-Insight and BL‑Monitor are trademarks of Computer Mail Services, Inc.

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