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XE-Filter IP address country of origin email filter The XE-Filter TM v2 Release Takes "Country-of-Origin" Filtering to a New Level

New DNSBL Features Add A Fourth Layer of eMail Protection

Computer Mail Services, Inc.
Lih-Tah Wong
248.352.6700 x1

TROY MI OCTOBER 18, 2007 Computer Mail Services, Inc. (CMS), a leading email security and management software provider, announces the availability of XE-Filter v2, software designed to block spam email based upon its country of origin.

XE-Filter Four Layers of emMail FIltering Protection
Four Layers
of Protection

XE-Filter v2 adds DNS Blacklist querying as a fourth layer of email filtering after whitelists, blacklists and "Country-of-Origin". A locally held cache of blacklisted IP addresses speeds XE-Filter's DNSBL operations by preventing repeated queries to possibly distant or slow-responding Blacklist Servers. 

XE-Filter v2 can automatically deliver, to any email administrator, a report on the effectiveness of filtering operations.  Set to daily, weekly or monthly periods, these statistical reports offer insight into the performance of the four levels of XE-Filter protection.  Other new features include the addition of an IP address import utility that simplifies whitelist and blacklist management.  External files containing lists of IP addresses are now easily added to XE-Filter. .

"I installed the newest version of XE-Filter.  Now, I am successfully eliminating 98.7% of all incoming spam. Those are real statistics, not fluff. XE-Filter has enabled me to solve a big problem not just for this client, but for other ECS clients", said Marc Boulware, Network and Computer Security Specialist for Excell Computer Systems.

Simple in concept, cost-effective and requiring very little administrative effort, XE-Filter is the first country-centric spam filter.  Using the connecting IP address of the mail server attempting to send the message, XE-Filter determines the originating country and checks against an administrator-specified banned country list.  If the email originates from a banned country, the message is refused.

With the addition of XE-Filter's DNSBL capabilities, messages originating from allowed countries can now be checked. Today, with the large amount originating from infected machines in allowed countries, this additional layer of filtering substantially increases XE-Filter's effectiveness.

XE-Filter installs on the Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003 server that is the point of entry of inbound email traffic.  For non-Exchange sites, it can be installed on any PC with server or professional editions of the Windows OS, to act as the gateway with the Internet.  XE-Filter works with existing anti-spam filters.

XE-Filter is available now with prices starting at US$295 per for 25 users or less.  A 21-day evaluation version of XE-Filter is available from the CMS website,


Founded in 1982, Sterling Heights, Michigan-based Computer Mail Services, Inc. (CMS) is a privately held company with expertise in the development of messaging related products: Praetor , XE-Filter, BL-Monitor and ES-Insight.

Praetor is a registered trademark of Computer Mail Services, Inc.  XE-Filter, ES-Insight and BL‑Monitor are trademarks of Computer Mail Services, Inc.

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