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Computer Mail Services Announces Praetor™ for Exchange 2000, Providing Flexible Rules-based Content Filtering of E-mail

New Version for Exchange 2000 Allows Scanning of Intra-site E-mail, Native Support for Sophos Anti-Virus

Lih-Tah Wong
248-352-6700, ext. 220

DALLAS—Oct. 10, 2000 — At the Microsoft Exchange Conference 2000, Computer Mail Services, Inc., a leading e-mail security and management software provider, today announced Praetor for Exchange 2000, the latest version of its advanced rules-based content filtering product specifically designed for Microsoft Exchange 2000. By using the programmatic access to the core message transport exposed by Microsoft, Praetor is now capable of proactively filtering not just Internet e-mail but also local Exchange server-to-server e-mail traffic against unwanted and objectionable content.

Recent events involving email-borne virus incursions and employee dismissals over inappropriate e-mail have shown that companies waste precious resources on such distractions. The implementation of a corporate e-mail usage policy and installation and use of an e-mail content scanning and filtering product found in Praetor can do much to mitigate these types of situations.

“Praetor for Exchange 2000 is a significant milestone in our product as it brings a comprehensive messaging firewall to this new Exchange Server version, offering new capabilities that were not possible before,” said Lih-Tah Wong, Director of Sales and Marketing for Computer Mail Services, Inc. “Exchange 2000 sites now have powerful ways to combat and manage unwanted e-mail during the message transport phase and before it gets to its intended destination.”

To combat virus incursions, Praetor has always had the ability to filter e-mail attachments based on their file name or extension. Now it augments this capability by incorporating native support for the award-winning anti-virus technology from Sophos. This gives a more efficient and effective means of checking for virus infections on only those suspicious attachments that need to be scanned while banned attachments will be deleted immediately.

Other improvements to Praetor in this new Exchange server environment include a new administrative user interface that is consistent with the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) infrastructure. This MMC snap-in module facility provides access to and control of the rich features within Praetor: approved/banned lists, user rules, message logs, licensing information, e-mail traffic reports, etc. A rules wizard is provided to set up custom rules to address site-specific issues.

“With the launch of Exchange 2000, Computer Mail Services is prepared to provide a valuable component to customers implementing a reliable messaging solution,” said Stan Sorensen, group product manager, Server Applications at Microsoft. “CMS is focused on enhancing the email security of customers’ Exchange 2000 messaging and collaboration infrastructure.”

Praetor is priced on a per-mailbox basis with volume discounts available. For more information about Praetor, contact CMS by phone at 800/883-2674 or 248/352-6700, via fax at 248/352-6700, by sending an electronic mail to info, or by visiting the company’s Web site at

Interested parties can get a price quote directly via e-mail by filling out the form at

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Founded in 1982, Sterling Heights, Michigan-based Computer Mail Services, Inc. (CMS), is a privately held company specializing in the development of messaging-related products. CMS advanced technology solutions allow LAN e-mail systems to communicate with each other, with the Internet/SMTP, and with public messaging services. The company has many products that serve the connectivity needs of thousands of corporations worldwide.

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