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for Microsoft Exchange Server

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CMS Praetor for Exchange Diagram - Antispam, Antivirus, Email Content Security


Since 1999, Praetor has proven to be an essential tool in helping Microsoft Exchange sites fight and reduce a growing Internet messaging problem – objectionable and destructive email.  This includes unsolicited commercial advertisements (spam), offensive content, confidential company information and virus-infected attachments.

Praetor exceeds the security capabilities found in any version of Microsoft Exchange Server and augments your existing antivirus software.  The supplied Praetor rules detect techniques used by spammers beyond simple word and phrase analysis.  By examining the message content -- all headers and body -- Praetor notes the presence and absence of key information.

Praetor uses several antispam tactics that provide multiple layers of email protection:
  • Bayesian statistical analysis to compute the probability that a message is spam

  • Heuristic analysis of message header and body content to detect common spam techniques

  • Site-specific whitelists and blacklists

  • Multiple DNS blacklist servers with bypass option

  • Additional default rules and templates developed after CMS’ study of thousands of spam messages

Administrators can easily customize default rules or create new rules through the Praetor rules wizard using an interface similar to the one found in Microsoft Outlook.  This wizard lets you define email direction, conditions, actions and exceptions for any rule.  In a few short steps, new filtering conditions can also be created to address the specific non-spam needs of your site:
  • Scan for leaks of proprietary information

  • Detect profanity or unacceptable language

  • Add the same or different disclaimers based on certain conditions

  • Create automatic replies

  • Archive all or specific messages

  • Send notices matching specific criteria
Two default rules are provided to examine messages containing attachments, testing for those matching certain filename and extension patterns.  These rules have been totally effective in stopping viruses before they pass to the local users.

Praetor is a highly effective, price competitive and flexible email content security solution.  Download a free 21-day evaluation version.



  • Bayesian statistical analysis using default token database -- Trainable with your additional samples

  • Heuristic analysis for common spam techniques: invisible ink, tiny text, interspersed HTML comments, obfuscated URLs, sales offers, fraud, etc.

  • Local whitelists and blacklists of sender addresses, domains and IP addresses

  • Query multiple DNS blacklist servers with bypass option and retain message summary information

  • Successfully defend against “Reverse NDR” (indirect relay) attacks

  • Reject banned and quarantine suspicious attachments

  • Score messages according to weighted word lists based on your own phrases

  • Allow messages from subscribed listservers

  • Delete email to former employees

  • Use pre-defined filter templates with keyword lists for pornography, explicit language, confidential data, etc.

  • Add a common disclaimer or different disclaimers based on your criteria

  • Archive all incoming/outgoing messages or only those based upon your criteria


Praetor conditional rules must contain one of these required actions to process the email:

  • Accept

  • Reject

  • Quarantine

  • Redirect

Optional actions include:

  • Append/Prepend disclaimers to a message

  • Return to sender

  • Send notification to sender, recipient, Administrator or any email address

  • Forward a copy of the message

  • Add message header fields useful in passing hints to client-side filters


  • Rule wizard permits construction of administrator-defined custom inbound or outbound rules

  • Tool to import/export Praetor lists

  • Administrator Log Viewer to examine and act on quarantined messages: accept, reject, redirect or return to sender, train the Bayesian analyzer

  • Message quarantine area is located off-server

  • Browser-based Personal Log Viewer allows users to review inbound messages and release any quarantined mail (choose from several authentication methods: Windows, LDAP, or SQL table)

  • Log Analyzer tool to generate reports showing email traffic statistics such as:

  • Source of “Reverse NDR” attacks for blacklisting

  • Source of DNS blacklisted rejections

  • Source of quarantined email

  • Heaviest users of email

  • Domains sending/receiving most email


  • Machine with Pentium IV or Xeon CPU operating at 2GHz or faster, 512MB RAM or more, and at least 5GB free disk space

  • Windows 2000 or 2003 Server, Windows 2000 or XP Professional Edition

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 or later

  • Exchange Server v5.5, 2000 or 2003 (v5.5 requires a separate Praetor machine)

  • IIS SMTP and Web Servers or Exchange 200x

  • Microsoft SQL Server or Desktop Edition (MSDE)

  • Microsoft Visual Basic Script DLL version 5.6 or later

  • Dedicated connection to the Internet

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