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Letters and Quotes

Customer comments on CMS Products and Services

To leave your own remarks, visit the CMS comments page.

Following are quotes and letters from CMS' customers.

The list may seem long, but include comments on all areas of CMS software, support and services.

Read the quotes and see what others say about CMS' products and customer service.

All quotes are welcome and will only be used used with permission.


Filtering eMail by Country-of-Origin

"Just so you know, I've tried many products and the only one even close (GFI) doesn't hold a candle to yours [ XE-Filter ] "

A. Thomas Cammarota
XL Group
Philadelphia, PA

"XE-Filter is the best thing that I have done to protect our email".

Terry W. Sanders

"Just an update, after 12 months of using XE-Filter we are now successfully blocking on average 97% of all inbound spam with a very high accuracy rate that nothing else really comes close too. I cannot recommend this product and the support service enough. Well done".

Simon Craddock
Network Blinds
United Kingdom

"I checked with all of the Directors today and found that email is arriving without problem.  So everything is working flawlessly.  Your [XE-Filter] is quite simply, amazing".

Austin Moran
NY Assoc. of Realtors

"The [XE-Filter] IP whitelist and blacklist have helped us to cut our spam tremendously.  The new sender whitelist and blacklist are an added bonus to an already sound program.  These help me to target the remaining few spam that make it through".

Christopher Melita
North Texas Medical Center

"If I haven't said it enough, bringing Praetor and XE into our system has been one of our best technical advances".

Harvey Levine
Program Director
Family Home Care Services of Brooklyn & Queens, Inc.

"After just 5 hrs use on our mail server we've seen a 49% drop in spam just by blocking the countries we don't deal with. Additional tweaking will no doubt increase this further. Excellent product and fills a major gap other products ignore, well done."

Simon Craddock
Network Blinds
United Kingdom

"Our company has experienced an 80% reduction in spam since XE-Filter was implemented. We experienced this change almost immediately. With the newly added whitelist functionality, we have been able to increase that reduction by an additional 5%. The application is straightforward and simple to use".

Kevin Calk
CIO of ECOM PPO Advisors

"XE-Filter is just what we have been looking for. We are currently compiling a list of IP's that we wish to allow / block."

Jonathan Moss
Network Specialist
UK Municipality.

We are extremely satisfied with XE's performance (in tandem with Praetor). Since we added XE to the Praetor mix our spam (quarantine & rejects) have nose-dived. We are almost spam-free.

Harvey Levine
Program Director
Family Home Care Services of Brooklyn & Queens, Inc.

“XE-Filter is a very elegant and unique solution to a very real problem that is neglected by all of the other products on the market today”

Farid Saddik
CIO of R&L Brosamer

BL-Monitor Logo


Measure DNSBL Server Effectiveness and Responsiveness

I just wanted to say that the BL-Monitor is awesome! In 5 minutes we used it to discover that our paid subscription blacklist service is worse than several free ones available.

We did this using our own real-world, actual emails and addresses. Having a tool to spot-check the health and reliability of blacklist services is long overdue.”

Greg Bishop
Network Admin
House & Garden Party

CMS Praetor Spam Filter Antivirus Content Filtering Messaging Firewall


Spam Filter / eMail Content Security / Antivirus

I just wanted to thank CMS for Praetor email filtering. without it we would be over run with spam. I highly recommend it for any company or anyone who wants to kill spam before it gets in. I cant say it enough.

Chris Edwards
Baltimore City State Attorneys Office

I found [Praetor] and documentation so straight forward that I never felt the need to contact anyone [at CMS Support]. I implemented Praetor last Tuesday night, with absolutely no trouble.

Read about Praetor and  Bernkopf, Goodman and Baseman LLP

F. Bedard
IS Director
Bernkopf, Goodman and Baseman LLP

The product  [Praetor] was suggested by Microsoft Tech Support to address an NDR SPAM attack on our server...

Private School Principal
New Jersey

I am pleased that we no longer have to deal with Reverse NDR's clogging our email server. Praetor just handles them - a LOT of them.

I am very impressed with your company's personnel, their knowledge, patience, and friendliness. That's refreshing these days. I am glad I found your product and purchased it for our company.

David Lawhorn
QB Rebuilders, Inc.

I would like to express my gratitude for both your help every time I've had a Praetor problem (thankfully very few) and for the Praetor product.  I'm a huge fan!  This product has been the most cost effective tool I've ever implemented.  It has paid for itself many hundreds of times over.

"Fortune 500" Retailer
Mike Z.
IT Operations

I have installed a lot of software on many networks, but this was the smoothest, best working, easiest to configure package I have ever seen. I am suggesting to all of my clients that this is the next package that we need for their networks.

J. Black
Wire and Web

We compared several products and found one that stood out in terms of its rules based features, flexible management of blocked e-mails, and last but not least, its reasonable price tag: and that product is Praetor.

K. Staley
AC Controls Company, Inc.

Nice product. Delivered what it promised.

Sesh K. - Ansoft

We have it installed on our Exchange Server for the past 2 months and it's working like a charm! Fully customizable program with an ease of use that would make AOL jealous!

Sri Casaba

I don't think I have ever encountered a piece of software that was so easy and hassle-free from the installation process right through to its purchase. Trust me, its a breath of fresh air, so keep up the good work.

Daniel Werts
Network Specialist

I've been installing, configuring and supporting corporate Microsoft Exchange Server installations for the last 7 years and Praetor should be part of every Exchange administrators toolkit.

Neil Berger
President, NSB Systems & Consulting

We are very pleased with the product as well as the support. Configuration was simple and very user friendly. We researched many products and Praetor was without a doubt the best value of all the products evaluated.

Dan Everett
C.N. Brown

Thanks for the quick reply. I really appreciate everyone's dedication down there. Your company is different than most. You are actually concerned with the satisfaction of your customers!! That is unusual in today's fast-paced world.

Tommy Smith
Beef Northwest

Praetor has been an incredibly useful tool and the support team has been excellent to work with!

Tim Edmonson
Transport America

Praetor was easy to install, is easy to administer and monitor it's effectiveness, and it has done an excellent job in controlling spam and unwanted email, as well as allowing the monitoring of attachments coming into and out of our Company.

Precision Flamecutting & Steel, L.P.
John M.

I would never build an email solution without Praetor. Excellent product, excellent support.

Jason W.
Baldor UK

Praetor is an awesome product! Its anti-spam, anti-virus and custom features are excellent. The technical support is the best I have experienced in 20+ years. Thanks and Great job!

Kevin L.
RV Insurance

We love Praetor's Mail Firewall

J. Harrington

I have nothing but the highest of praise for you, your company CMS and your software Praetor.

Tom C.
Moses Cone Health System


The Highest Level of Technical Support Possible for CMS Products

Technical support has been excellent!

M. Tabin Allocity Inc.

The [CMS] sales and technical support staff are terrific and very pro-active. They have responded quickly to answer any and all questions.

Susan Evans
Fishman, Block + Diamond, LLP

This is a very cool product!  Please give my thanks to the guys in Tech Support, they have been very helpful. Our spam is down to a small trickle now thanks to Praetor and Tech Support. It's probably cut down our spam by 95%. 

M. Maggio
Oasis Computer Products Inc.

The sales support and the technical support I received in setting up some rules modifications and in the initial setup of the RBL list was excellent

John M.
Precision Flamecutting & Steel

From sales, to installation/operation, to tech support, this was easily the most outstanding experience I have ever had in my 6 years as a Network Manager.

Greg Clayton

General Subject Quotes

Antispam / Anti-Virus / Security

The difference is dramatic. SPAM had fallen off by 99.8% overnight

Yesterday we received almost 1100 emails, 294 were legit, the rest were quarantined.

F. Bedard
IS Director
Bernkopf, Goodman and Baseman LLP

"We called Microsoft Support about the reverse NDR problem only to find out that Microsoft doesn't have a solution for it."

Referred to CMS, Praetor was the solution they needed to defeat NDR attacks.

Stephan van Heerden
IT Administrator
Media Profile

I must say, Praetor has made a tremendous impression on those who used to receive SPAM. Your customer support is excellent as well. I am very happy to have gone with Praetor.

Mike Grande

The Praetor spam-blocker application is a top-notch product. We fine-tuned our lists of blocked words, phrases, and domains and have seen a huge reduction in junk mail. I love this program!

Susan Evans
Fishman, Block + Diamond, LLP

I am only hearing how great the new SPAM filter system [Praetor] is from our users! It seems we were starting to get an enormous amount of junk mail in the last few months. Thanks again for a GREAT product and great support!  More Praetor and KHA...

C. Rainey
Kentucky Hospital Association

"[Praetor] is great!  We are still fine tuning it, but 90% of the SPAM is being caught now.  It is good to be able to do useful work with email again instead of spending time removing all the garbage SPAM.

MIS Manager Prelude Systems

If everyone had this software [Praetor], spammers would die a slow, miserable death

Patrick Spallone
West Lake Consulting

Very easy to install and instant performance. My client instantly saw the difference the products makes in removing SPAM.

Rick Gomez
Fiona Systems Integration

Praetor has been very useful in reducing the overall amount of spam we have received. (Great job).

Michael F.
Apropos Technology

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for a great product! I cannot tell you how many of the e-mails that are infected with gone.scr that Praetor has blocked. Needless to say we would have had a serious problem on our hands were it not for your software.
Thanks for peace of mind; something a busy IT person rarely has!"

The Faulkner Group
Austin Texas

"First off, thank you. Between Praetor and your email announcement on the new virus, we were successfully able to prevent the new virus from infecting our network."

Bob Z.
Dir Publishing Association

"Your software really helps us at the customer site. As part of a Internet-based game, we send over 50,000 e-mails a day. Many users reply to e-mail and try to send us e-mail with suspicious attachments. Even users try to relay e-mail. All which is stopped by Praetor."

H. Joergensen
Interprise Consulting, Copenhagen Denmark

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